[Download pdf with solutions and many other expressions!] Here is a list of the most common expressions about negotiations and agreements. Watch it and put it into practice at work or with a teacher: how do you use it? It`s your move, but that expression is more about life than a sport. If you have the ball, it`s up to you and someone is waiting for your decision. How is it used? This expression is super easy to learn. “I`m exhausted, it`s time for me to close the bag!” Negotiations are not easy, but they are even more difficult if you are not a native speaker. And because knowledge of common phrases will help you gain the upper hand, here`s a list of the 30 must-know-idioms of negotiations and agreements that you can use today at work. Idioms. Native English speakers like to use them in conversations, and you`ll often notice that they also appear in books, TV shows, and movies. To perfect your English, you really need to be sure to use expressions and know the difference between breaking a leg and pulling a leg. How is it used? In England, we like to talk about the weather and we will do it often, but don`t be fooled by this usual phrase. If someone says they feel under the weather, your answer should be, “I hope you`ll feel better!”, not “Do you want to borrow my umbrella?” How is it used? Cut bread must have revolutionized life in England, because it has since been used as the ultimate reference for things that are great. We love it almost as much as tea. How is it used? We don`t offer a staring contest — to be on an equal footing with someone is to agree with the point they make.

How is it used? This is the perfect phrase you should learn if you are a fan of practical jokes. “Pull your leg” is a bit like “wrap someone up.” Use it in the context: “Relax, I`m just pulling your leg!” or “Wait, are you pulling by my leg?” If you describe something as a particular thing with buttons, you think it has similar qualities to that thing, but they are more extreme: Disney World was like an ordinary amusement park with buttons. How is it used? If a person joins something popular or does something just because it`s cool….