Since the preparation of a certificate of sale requires great caution and a presence of mind with sufficient knowledge of the property and other related laws, it would be preferable if the services provided by lawyers with extensive experience in real estate transactions were used in order to avoid unexpected and unsolicited disputes that may arise in a poorly drafted deed of sale. The deed of sale is one of the most valuable legal documents when buying or selling real estate. An instrument of sale is drawn up by the author of the law on an extrajudicial stamp document having the required value, as required by the stamps law of the State concerned. Today, in many states, including Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, stamp papers are only available up to a value of Rs.100/ – The parties use 5-6 extrajudicial stamp papers and the balance is paid by the Challan system (AP) and by stamps and other mechanisms of the Land government (in other states). When preparing the drafting of the deed of sale, a draftsman must contain certain clauses which are as follows: this is an absolute transfer of tangible immobility by the seller to the buyer by the conclusion of a contract of sale in which both parties regulate the conditions of the transfer. Such a transfer may be made by the registered document and, therefore, delivery of the property may be made by handing over the effective ownership of the property by the seller to the buyer or to the person legally authorized by the buyer. In the case of sale of tangible immovable property, all legal rights, i.e.: Rights of servitude, rights of beneficiaries, claims punishable by compensatory measures as well as the person entitled to ownership, for the benefit of the buyer, transferred by the seller in-toto. Before explaining the term “deed of sale”, we define “sales agreement” which is in front of “SALE DEED” and protects the interests of buyers and sellers. A sales agreement is a written legal document on which the deed of transmission is drawn up in which both parties agree on certain conditions, that is. The seller intends to transfer/sell the property and the buyer intends to buy it….