If you have any further questions about other work options or telework contracts, please contact Hokie Wellness at hokiewellness@vt.edu. If a staff member is concerned about discrimination and harassment in violation of Directive 1025, please contact the Office for Equity and Accessibility at 540-231-2010. Virginia Tech recognizes that some work can only be done on-site and supports the use of flexible and alternative means of work for employees who can do remote work or telecommuting. When an employee requires regular work from home or from another workplace, an approved telework agreement is required. The following academic papers are the basis of the guide to telework and remote workability: As Virginia Tech prepares to move on to modified operations on August 3, this page helps university leaders, managers and employees determine which positions and collaborators are suitable for regular or occasional remote telework. Telework, also known as telemuting, is the execution of all or part of the tasks on an alternative workstation for at least eight hours a week or 32 hours per month. Casual telework does not require a telework agreement. Follow the steps of the manual to see if telecommuting/remote work is a good solution for a position and an employee. As announced in the communication of Vice President of Human Resources Bryan Garey, released on Sunday, March 15, the faculty and staff are encouraged to explore other work opportunities such as telecommuting, flexible hours and vacations. Executives and unit leaders are encouraged to work outside the staff when they can, while the university can carry out its important tasks. There is no need for formal agreements to clarify matters and for telework agreements related to the effects of COVID-19. Telework agreements related to the effects of COVID 19 are considered temporary to take into account unusual circumstances.

Departments should document the temporary agreement for service files by memo or email, in which work waits and duration and this change are temporary to meet the personal needs of an employee as a result of COVID-19. Before filing the application, check that: Virginia Tech helps employees and their loved ones. Our employees create a culture of excellence at work and at home and help Virginia Tech become a strict academic institution and employer of choice. Please submit applications to hokiewellness@vt.edu at the end of the year. Students who are interested in child care, child care during Virginia Tech football games, aged care, private lessons, pet, light housework, shopping, home seating, courtwork, computer assistance, please complete the application below. Employment is not guaranteed. Our student list is sent only to Virginia Tech employees, and we often have little information about these people. To our knowledge, those who contact us are honest and caring and are looking for the best student to meet their needs. Therefore, they should not object to your thorough and thoughtful review of the job offer.

Employees participating in a national health plan are entitled to the new price of $19.11 per month for digital workshops – and $8.48 for digital subscriptions.