Australian farmers say an international agreement to eliminate agricultural export subsidies will lead them to a level playing field with their overseas competitors. Wisconsin winemaker Steve Johnson is not offended by being called a mad scientist. In fact, he thinks it`s a compliment. After all, Johnson has just created two new wines, both of which are the first for the American wine market – the first wine, called Northern Wine, which ferments red and white grapes together so that the juice left in the shells is not wasted, and the first Wisconsin grape wine, called Bubbler, in a reference to the Wisconsin Symposium for Water Fountains. Both are available online at, in the Kewaunee winery near Green Bay, and at their second site, Door 44 Winery in Sturgeon Bay. Airbnb hosts are not allowed to list the terms “Covid-19,” “coronavirus” or “quarantine,” or to claim that their shelters are free of the virus. But it is still easy to promote the idea of a healthy refuge. Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb said the deal would cut $15 billion in subsidies, with the US and European Union responsible for $11 billion. Bubbler is a blend of three different grapes and is a little drier than some sparkling wines. Johnson was inclined to invent it because the climate and grape varieties of northern Wisconsin lend themselves to more crunchy sparkling wines. “My propensity was that the cooler summers here produce the best expression of grapes in sparkling wines, and this was confirmed to me by a Champagne winemaker in France,” Johnson explained.

As municipalities tighten the rules of social disarray, short-term renting has become a painful piece of turf. In areas such as Jersey Shore and Newport Beach, California, and in states such as Pennsylvania and Vermont, authorities have sharply reduced short-term rents to prevent residents of urban hot areas from spreading coronavirus in less dense areas. Recent findings have shown that their caution is justified. In Raleigh, N.C. Sheri Outlaw offers a “Sparkling Clean Social Distancing Space” space on Airbnb, in the small house behind his house where his great-grandparents lived. As soon as the virus first appeared, Ms. Outlaw`s catering business refueled. It then lost all airbnb bookings in early March, when the company offered a 100 percent refund for stays on March 14 and with a check-in between March 14 and May 31, regardless of the cancellation terms offered by the host. (Airbnb pays $250 million to hosts in partial compensation.) Abbott Stark, a founder of an organic skin care company that owns three Airbnb units in Burlington and Middlebury, vt. stated that he transferred a client to a 30-day lease just before The Gov office.

Scott did not issue an endorsement to an executive order on March 24 prohibiting short-term rent registration, bookings or renewals.