A company`s share agreement, also known as a shareholder contract, contains the terms of a new transaction for anyone working for the company. It also specifies whether intellectual property rights are held by founders or investors and how shares are transferred or sold. A shareholders` pact is an agreement between the shareholders of a company. It determines how the company is organized, how it works and what shareholder rights and obligations will be. It also explains how the shares will be issued. Shareholder agreements protect a person`s interest in a company and create rules on how a company will handle shareholder disputes. Use this shareholder contract if you want to start a business with more than one investor and clarify the rules of management of the company and how decisions should be made. 17.2 The content of this shareholders` pact cannot be changed without the mutual understanding of the parties. The parties consult annually at the company`s general meeting on whether to revise the shareholder contract. Trading partners often start at good conditions, but break down later. While this is not to be expected, a well-written shareholder pact can help prevent significant damage or legal action in the event of disagreement. The shareholders` pact explains what the two parties agreed to before the disagreement, which may prevent a founder or shareholder from doing something dramatic for the way business is run. The agreement is often used to protect shareholders` rights and obligations and to find a common legal basis for the company.

PandaTip: This can be a common topic for shareholder disputes, everyone thinks the other doesn`t work hard enough, always overpaid, etc. The use of detailed employment contracts or the placement of these conditions here can help defuse future disputes. 16.2 Disputes between the parties, owners and/or the company regarding the shareholder contract or other agreements between the contracting parties, the owners and/or the company are settled through mutual negotiations. 7.2 In the event of a disagreement, each contracting party may require that a dividend of XX% of the company`s after-tax profit be distributed proportionately to shareholders. PandaTip: This section ensures that shareholders have the same expectations about when they can withdraw money from the company and ensure that distributions do not compromise the company`s financial needs. There are a few key elements that need to be included in a shareholder pact to make it understandable and valid. Among the basics: a shareholders` pact, also known as the shareholders` pact, is an agreement between the shareholders of a company that describes how the company should be operated and defines the rights and obligations of shareholders.